The Celebrate Life Foundation (CLF) is the philanthropic arm
of Swisse Wellness Pty Ltd

The Foundation was created to inspire wellness throughout the community and
help ‘bend the trend’ of increasing rates of preventable disease. The Celebrate Life
Foundation supports charity programs that promote a greater awareness and
understanding of the three pillars of lifelong wellness:
Mindfulness, Movement and Nutrition.

Not being sick does not mean we are well! A balanced lifestyle includes good
nutrition, regular physical activity, social contact with family and friends and
making choices that allow these priorities to find balance in our busy,
modern lifestyle.

It’s about knowing when any one of these three pillars fall out of balance and
being equipped with the knowledge to restore equilibrium and overall wellbeing.

  • Mindfulness

    We’re all busy making plans, but too often we forget to slow down and live in the moment. Being mindful is about getting the most out of life by paying attention to the present experience. Having an awareness and appreciation for what you are experiencing right now is a great approach for managing the stress of modern life and promoting wellness.

  • Movement

    An active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle, delivering energy, stability, flexibility, fitness and quality of life. Walk, jog, run, jump, swim, splash about, kick the footy, hit the pool, play with the kids – its all movement and it all helps. Ideally, exercise with a family member, friend or a colleague for a more fulfilling workout.

  • Nutrition

    Our bodies are engines and how we fuel them counts. Forming and maintaining healthy dietary habits is the best way to nourish and sustain good health.

    ABS statistics show that 94% of Australians don’t consume the right amount of fruit and vegetables every day. Simply eating one extra piece of fruit a day is a great start.

Here are some places to visit that explain it very simply