Celebrate Life Foundation
Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Celebrate Life Foundation (CLF) is the philanthropic arm of Swisse Wellness Pty Ltd?

    In November 2012, the Celebrate Life Foundation was established as the charitable arm of Swisse Wellness, Australia's Number 1 health and wellness brand.

    On a mission to make people healthier and happier, Swisse saw the need for a new philanthropic approach to assist the established charities working in health and wellness promotion, under challenging circumstances. We recognised that many charities have great new ideas but not the incremental funds to cover trials and launch. The Celebrate Life Foundation aims to support this worthwhile charitable work.

    The Foundation was created to support programs of charities that strive for greater awareness and understanding of the three key pillars to lifelong wellness – Mindfulness, Movement, and Nutrition.

  • What is the connection between the CLF and Swisse Wellness?

    Swisse established the Celebrate Life Foundation as a charity support arm to promote awareness of healthy living and return the great support Australians have given the company for nearly half a century.

    Swisse contributes the staff and administration to leading and managing the Celebrate Life Foundation.

  • How does the Celebrate Life Foundation work?

    Each year, the Celebrate Life Foundation raises funds to support programs that meet the right criteria of promoting wellness. Programs are funded on a financial year basis.

  • What contribution has the Celebrate Life Foundation made to the community?

    The following summarises the finances since the Foundation’s inception. We’re very lucky to have Swisse Wellness cover a lot of our operational costs to maximise our impact on the community. The surplus left is how we plan to fund projects and other fundraising activities in 2016, so keep tuned for what happens this year!

    LBG, Director Simon Robinson said of Swisse and the Celebrate life Foundation, "LBG is the international standard by which companies around the world measure their contributions to the community, what happens and what changes as a result. Companies that join LBG are serious about community and seek to continually improve their impact on the communities in which they operate. Swisse has been a member of LBG in Australia for two years and has contributed well above the average in regard to the percentage contributed against profit, revenue and per employee in both 2014 and 2015. I commend Swisse on their achievements and look forward to working with them into the future.”

  • What are the key selection criteria?

    The Celebrate Life Foundation has been established to support health promotion charities and/or legal not-for-profit and deductible gift recipients that promote health and wellness.

    • Who can apply?

      The mission of the Celebrate Life Foundation is to inspire wellness throughout the community and ‘bend the trend’ of increasing rates of preventable disease.

      Celebrate Life Foundation applicants need to be registered as Deductible Gift Recipients and be in the 'Not for profit' sector.

    • Key Selection Criteria

      Each proposal submitted to Celebrate Life Foundation will evaluated against these Key Selection Criteria:


      • How clearly does the activity proposed work towards the mission of the Celebrate Life Foundation?
      • Does the proposal directly show this and relate back the various aspects of the proposed activity /li>


      • Is this more of the same or a 'variation on a theme', or does the activity proposed represent a real potential breakthrough in the awareness and understanding of the three pillars of wellness: nutrition, movement and mindfulness.


      • Does the activity proposed have clear metrics by which to measure whether it has an effect or not?
      • What are those metrics?
      • What are the timings proposed?
      • What are the reporting milestones proposed?


      • Does the proposal address the issue of management and measurement and have clear targets for the metrics by which to measure whether it has an effect or not?


      • Does the proposal address areas of perceived risk as to the activity proposed?


  • How can I find out more about the Celebrate Life Foundation?

    • For all general enquiries, please contact:

      Jessie Broadway
      Government and Community Engagement Associate
      Ph +61 3 9418 6857

    • For all media enquiries, please contact:

      Lucy Bucknall
      PR Manager
      +61 3 9418 6822


      Sarah Chibnall
      Head of Corporate Communications
      +61 3 9418 6723